NFL anticipates Pro Bowl decision in spring

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Where will the Pro Bowl land in 2017? The NFL could be looking at a decision this spring.

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In response to an inquiry made by the Houston Chronicle — Houston submitted a bid to host the Pro Bowl ahead of this year’s Super Bowl, much like Phoenix did back in 2015 — NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy had this: “We have received interest from cities in the U.S. and from around the world.”


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He added: “No decisions have been made on the future of the Pro Bowl. We anticipate making a decision this spring.”

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Everything, from a skills competition to another departure from Hawaii, has been suggested in the wake of the 2016 Pro Bowl. As fun as it was to cover, the lack of quality play was obvious. During practice this year, Eli Manning Jerseys said it was a point of discussion among players.

That did not manage to translate to the field, at least not to Goodell’s liking.

“I think our biggest standard has to be what we expect from the NFL and what our fans expect from the NFL,” Goodell said at his state of the union last week in San Francisco. “If it’s not quality, it’s not a real competition that we can be proud of, we have to do something different. That’s my number one priority right now. I’m open to new ideas, I’m open to how we do it, but it’s not the kind of game that I think we want to continue to have in its current format, based on what we saw last week.”

So perhaps Houston, and a self-contained environment tied in with the Super Bowl, is nfl jersey china the answer after all. The surprising thing about Hawaii was how many players ended up going straight from there to San Francisco for the Super Bowl anyway. Marketing opportunities, social opportunities and business opportunities often nfl jersey china make it the epicenter of every player’s social calendar regardless of whether or not he’s playing in the game.

Streamlining that process might make it easier, if a little less tropical.

Oilers rookie McDavid cleared for full contact

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Edmonton Oilers Jerseys center Connor McDavid said Sunday he’s been cleared for full contact. He will practice with Bakersfield of the American Hockey League during the NHL All-Star break but won’t play in any games. nike wholesale china


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McDavid participated in the shooting accuracy portion of the Oilers’ annual skills competition Sunday. The top pick of the 2015 NHL Draft has been out since fracturing his left clavicle in a 4-2 win against the Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys on Nov. 3 and hopes he’ll be ready to return when the Oilers resume their season Feb. 2 against the Columbus Blue Jackets Jerseys at Rexall Place.

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Snipe-show courtesy @cmcdavid97! — Edmonton Oilers Jerseys (@EdmontonOilers) January 24, 2016

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“Management and I came together and agreed to go to Bakersfield for a few days and skate and keep practicing,” McDavid told the Oilers website. “It’s a long break between now and then, just going to skate and get ready for what hopefully is a return on the 2nd.

“The practices are a little bit more intense, with a lot of battling and stuff like that,” McDavid said. “It will be good to be involved in that and hopefully come back feeling good and ready to go for the 2nd. Obviously, with this long break, it’s not ideal to go and sit around for eight days and then try to come back and feel good. I think it’s a good opportunity for me to feel good and be ready to go when I come back.”

“It [stinks] being out. It feels like a long time. These last couple of weeks have been probably the longest. When you feel so good you want to play, but I’m being patient with it. Hopefully the patience is rewarded at the end.”

McDavid had five goals and seven assists in 13 games and was named the NHL rookie of the month for October.

“I couldn’t be more excited to come back,” McDavid said. “Today was a little bit of a tease, almost. It was dressed up like a game, fans were there, everyone was acting like it’s a game, so it’s almost like a tease. It’s exciting to be back on the ice today with the guys and the fans.”

Heroes & Villains: Osweiler shines; Steelers’ D falters

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All season long, Around The NFL’s Marc Sessler will offer up his laundry list of heroes and villains from the week that was.

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Let’s get down to it:


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1. Our Boy Brock: Starring in the game of the year, Brock Osweiler did more than just earn his second win as a starter against the Patriots on Sunday night. The fourth-year Broncos passer feels destined to go down as the answer to the trivia question: “Who got Peyton Manning benched?” What we’ve seen for two straight weeks is a Broncos attack with a suddenly lively ground game and just enough through the air from their young leader. In the snowy Denver night, Osweiler finally hit Demaryius Thomas for 36 yards down the sideline — their first connection in 13 targets — before drifting this pretty scoring pass to Andre Caldwell to forge a Broncos lead with the clock ticking away:

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2. Matty Ice Age: No, not Matt Ryan Jerseys, who currently operates as a Turnover Robot 2.0 for the dwindling Falcons. Forty-year-old Matt Hasselbeck is our subject after guiding the Colts to back-to-back wins. Andrew Luck’s backup is 4-0 on the year and played his best game yet in Sunday’s takedown of Tampa Bay. Despite zero help from Indy’s ground game, Hasselbeck sat back and flung it to T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief, hitting his wideouts for a combined 209 yards and two scores off 14 grabs. His increased chemistry with Colts playmakers is only helped by Hasselbeck’s on-field smarts and poise. Score one for the blue hairs.


3. Wilson Wings It: Seattle’s big win over the Steelers came with a terrible fee: The loss of playmaking tight end Jimmy Graham. That didn’t slow down Russell Wilson, though, as the ‘Hawks passer ripped through Pittsburgh for five touchdowns and 345 yards — both single-game bests. Plenty of this had to do with a Steelers defense littered with issues (more on that below), but it was promising to see the Seahawks get hot as Wilson hit throws of 80, 36, 22, 21 and 16 yards. Graham caught four passes in the win, but his 55 yards per game and measly two scores all season project out to career lows as a starter. Luke Willson is a capable fill-in and Wilson proved Sunday that Seattle’s passing attack can be more diverse than many believed.

4. Fill-in-the-Blank Chiefs Running Back: Think back to when the Chiefs were 1-5 with Jamaal Charles ruled out for the year. Minus their All-Pro running back, this Alex Smith Jerseys-led outfit was a candidate for football’s most boring watch: Little through the air and maybe nothing on the ground. Instead, Kansas City’s backfield depth has saved this attack, with Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware rotating in to punish opponents. With Charles on the field, Kansas City averaged 109.8 rushing yards per tilt. During the team’s five-game win streak, though, the Chiefs are pounding teams for 152.6 yards per outing. Throw in a big day from Jeremy Maclin on Sunday and the Chiefs loom as one of the AFC’s most intriguing challengers heading into December.

BONUS HEROES: Baltimore’s Brent Urban Jerseys and Will Hill Jerseys: Are you kidding me, Cleveland?


1. Pittsburgh’s Phantom Secondary: The pass rush of the Steelers has been frisky, but their weakness is obvious. Pittsburgh can’t stop quarterbacks from piling up massive numbers through the air. Before allowing Wilson to set career marks on Sunday, the Black and Gold inspired the Browns to briefly name Johnny Manziel their starter after the club-hopping field general ripped Pittsburgh for 372 yards in Week 10. When the Steelers’ offense is healthy and humming, they can play with anyone — and win — but this pass defense is a candidate to put Pittsburgh’s season on ice.

2. Zebra meltdown: After watching Cardinals wideout John Brown Jerseys draw a flag for illegal touching on a play that should have been called an incompletion, officiating guru Mike Pereira of FOX Sports admitted, “I don’t know what to say anymore.” He speaks for all of us. Pereira shines as one of television’s on-air code-breakers paid to explain a weekly barrage of nonsense from the NFL’s flock of zebras. Listen to Pereira unpack the madness that unfolded in San Francisco:

That first half sequence in #AZvsSF was REALLY confusing. In this @KFC video, I try to make sense of it all.— Mike Pereira (@MikePereira) November 29, 2015

3. Hubris Pouring out of Rams Central: Jeff Fisher has been full of hot takes on the mic in recent weeks — shredding NBC’s Rodney Harrison, baffling us with the Case Keenum debacle and creating a false-flag argument on Sunday over the “effort” of his players. He doesn’t read Heroes & Villains, so we’re safe from his vitriol, but Fisher, at some stage, must be held accountable for a team that, well, STINKS. Fisher remains convinced that he can win in ’15 with an offense from 1971. It’s not a good week for Fisher or his wannabe-detective play-caller Frank Cignetti, who refuses to put his well-documented search for missing L.A. teen Regina Jane François on the backburner. “Frank’s completely lost track of reality,” a Rams source told Around the NFL on Monday. “He charted another Sunday red-eye to LAX, while mumbling about some mountainside hideout south of the city. ‘That’s where she is, I know it,’ Frank told us. Man, Fisher’s red-hot peeved. He can’t believe his hand-picked OC would rather operate as a city gumshoe than call plays. It’s gonna get real ugly here in January. I can promise you that.”

Tomlin burns Bengals, says Joey Porter never got a game ball

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Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter did not get a game ball after all.

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Porter helped incite a 15-yard penalty from Bengals corner Adam Jones Jerseys during the waning seconds of Saturday’s Wild Card fiasco which aided the Steelers in their attempt to boot a game winning field goal. Porter was on the field because Steelers wideout Antonio Brown Jerseys had just been knocked out by Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict Jerseys, which cased another 15-yard penalty.

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Handing Porter a game ball — a report suggested that the Steelers indeed did this after the game — would have been a subtle wink and nod to his alleged intentions, but head coach Mike Tomlin wanted to end that narrative on Tuesday.

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“Untrue,” he said.


Tomlin added: “This is what I’m gonna do about all of that so that we can move on. I think it’s appropriate. Cincinnati is afforded the opportunity to sit around days after the game and rehash what happened. We’re not afforded that opportunity. We’ve got a challenge – a formidable one – waiting on us in Denver. I said what I said after the game. I thought it appropriately summarized the play. We got respect for those guys. We understood what was at stake for them and us.

“It’s a tough hard-fought game against familiar opponents. It’s just part of football. We’re moving on. We have to. We can’t waste one iota of time living in the past. It’s not gonna help us beat the Denver Broncos Jerseys so I’m not gonna address it in anyway, because addressing it just leads to another question, whether it’s to me or someone that plays for us and that’s not gonna help us this week. So I respectfully decline any of those questions. I’m sure it’s interesting for you guys. There’s not enough ball going on this time of year so you’ll continue to chew it but we’re not going to participate.”

Tomlin didn’t even attempt to disguise the burn on Cincinnati there. Over the past few days, we’ve heard a good amount from Bengals players, most notably when Adam Jones Jerseys suggested that Brown was faking a concussion and that Porter was on the field cursing at Bengals players.

The final minute of that game was such a collective embarrassment that it’s probably best for all sides to move on. Tomlin was excited about a win, but probably would have preferred to do so in a different manner.

Instead, he has to be firm and cut the floor out from any remaining questions that might probe into the behavior of the Bengals or the Steelers that night. It’s one of the few times all year a team has actually looked forward to facing the Broncos in Denver.

Observations from Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots teams

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — In lieu of the weekly Sunday quick-hit thoughts and notes around the New England Patriots Jerseys Jerseys and NFL during vacation week, the following is a summary of a recent public, football-specific talk I gave on 17 seasons covering Bill Belichick’s club.

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Let’s call it the top 10 things a reporter has learned about team-building and covering a four-time Super Bowl championship franchise:

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10. No shying away from tough decisions. While many attempt to emulate the “Patriots Jerseys Way,” it’s easier said than done. This means making unpopular, unemotional decisions that can create a level of initial unrest in the locker room, such as releasing safety Lawyer Milloy (2003) and trading Deion Branch (2006), Richard Seymour (2009), Logan Mankins Jerseys (2014) and Chandler Jones Jerseys (2016). The merits of each decision can be debated, but the intent can’t: Belichick thought it was best for the team and was willing to absorb initial internal turbulence with the big picture in mind. Having a top-of-the-line quarterback and leader in Tom Brady Jerseys often played a significant part in keeping things on a positive track.

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The veteran leadership of quarterback Tom Brady Jerseys has been a key cog in Bill Belichick’s coaching plans with the Patriots Jerseys. Jim Davis/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

9. Reaction to adversity/clutch situations helps define greatness. Outside of the obvious Super Bowl championships, the teams that ultimately could be considered Belichick’s best were those that rose up through adversity and in crucial situations. It helps explain, in part, why Belichick works to create adverse situations for players and coaches to handle on a daily basis, such as pop quizzes and end-of-practice conditioning runs on the hill. Over the years, players have remarked how games were often easier than practices. Belichick’s top teams have been both physically and mentally tough, and they’ve been filled with intelligent players.

8. Public relations 101. When in doubt on how to answer a question, “It is what it is” can be most effective. And in stressing a short-term focus when others would like to consider the big picture, simply say, “We’re on to Cincinnati,” and you never know; it just might become a rallying cry of sorts that is repeated by other coaches around the league.

7. Fun is allowed and encouraged at times. With all those hours spent on the job, and an overall approach that is extremely demanding on staff members and players, it’s a good idea to leave time for some light moments. A team trip to the movies fits well, especially late in the season, when everyone might be wearing down. A good give-and-take between players and coaches is good, too; when Mike Vrabel wore a Giants Jerseys helmet to practice in 2007, it reflected playful banter that helps lighten the mood at times.

6. Leadership takes on different forms. Every successful team needs quality leaders, and players can lead in different ways. Belichick once said Patriots Jerseys Hall of Famer Troy Brown was one of the best leaders he has been around, yet Brown seldom spoke up or addressed the team. Then there was linebacker Junior Seau, a top-of-the-line leader who spoke to the team regularly before everyone took the field for games. When the core leadership group is strong, it usually leads to a high-quality overall locker-room dynamic. One year, 2009, stands out. When the Patriots Jerseys lacked an abundance of that leadership, owner Robert Kraft said that games can be won and/or lost in the locker room before a team even takes the field.


5. It’s all about the details. Just last month at practice, Belichick was seen drilling Brady on the finer points of the handoff. There isn’t a better example of how the focus on even the most fundamental details is a significant part of Belichick’s approach. He’s a teacher at heart, still getting his hands dirty on the types of things position coaches usually handle. His approach extends to his coaches, with a general preference to hire young and groom staffers (e.g. Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia) with an all-encompassing approach that includes personnel evaluation.

4. Always choose comfort on the sideline. The story of how Belichick made the hoodie with cut sleeves a best-selling item is hard to believe: He was seeking comfort, liked the idea of putting things in the pouch and apparently wasn’t thrilled with being told what to wear. The moral of the story: When unsure what to wear, go hoodie and you might unintentionally start a fashion trend.

3. Hardcore preparation and adjusting on the fly. Belichick has long preached “situational football” as he attempts to cover all possible scenarios because they might come up over the course of the season. That includes having the team practice outdoors regardless of most weather conditions (outside of lightning and dangerously high winds). One of the classic examples of stellar preparation was how the team, in the days leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, practiced the play (with a slight variation) in which cornerback Malcolm Butler Jerseys intercepted quarterback Russell Wilson Jerseys. But preparation alone isn’t enough; the ability to adjust on the fly is also crucial, with Belichick quoting president Dwight Eisenhower in 2015: “In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

2. Power of the team. One of the messages that players see on the door as they enter Gillette Stadium is to “put the team first.” The shining example from Belichick’s tenure came when the Patriots Jerseys were introduced as a team prior to Super Bowl XXXVI against the Rams Jerseys despite the NFL’s initial insistence that either the offense or defense would be introduced. Getting a team to come together is one of the great challenges for any coach, and one way to try to move a group in that direction is asking an offensive lineman (Matt Light) to catch a punt after an arduous stretch of training camp, and if he executes, the entire team gets the weekend off. Next thing you know, the punt returners are coaching the offensive lineman, and everyone is celebrating after Light brings it in. Depth and versatility are two buzzwords most often associated with Belichick’s approach of building a complete team.

1. Do Your Job. A trademarked phrase in New England, Belichick is always reminding those in his employ to do their job. I once heard him describe it like this: There is no “I” in “team” but there is an “I” in “win”– and that stands for “individual performance.” Nothing is more important than that.

Texans fear T.J. Yates suffered torn ACL vs. Colts

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The Houston Texans fear quarterback T.J. Yates Jerseys suffered a torn ACL on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, a source told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

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Yates suffered the season-ending injury on a scramble on the final drive of the first half. Yates walked directly to the locker room under his own power after the injury, which came on a non-contact play.

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John McClain of the Houston Chronicle first reported Yates suffered a wholesale nfl jerseys china torn ACL.

jerseys from china nfl

Brandon Weeden Jerseys replaced Yates to close out the half. Weeden completed four of four passes (and a spike) to set up a Texans field goal to cut the deficit to 10-3.

Before exiting, Yates completed just six of 10 passes for 68 yards. On the game’s opening drive, the quarterback telegraphed a pass to DeAndre Hopkins Jerseys that was picked off by Vontae Davis Jerseys. Yates also was sacked twice in the half.

The Texans’ offense failed to move the ball much of the first half with Yates under center. Backed up in their own end on many drives, Yates had little time to throw and was inaccurate on a handful of passes.

Weeden will attempt to lead the Texans on a comeback in a pivotal matchup for a divisional lead in the AFC South.

Houston claimed Weeden off waivers in mid-November after the quarterback was cut by the Dallas Cowboys. Starter Brian Hoyer Jerseys is out with a concussion.

Visits tracker: Jerrell Freeman to visit Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears might not be finished at inside linebacker.
Top 99 available free agents
Mario Williams Jerseys signs deal with Dolphins
Malik Jackson set to join Jaguars
Doug Martin to sign five-year deal with Bucs
Kelechi Osemele Jerseys reaches deal with Raiders
Brock Osweiler agrees to deal with Texans
Bills, Richie Incognito strike three-year deal
Sean Smith, Raiders agree to 4-year, $40M contract
Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick still far apart in contract talks
Battista: Broncos stay course in letting Osweiler walk Watch:
Best free agents available
Free agency studs and duds
Top three free agency surprises


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After signing former Broncos defender Danny Trevathan, the team is set to meet Friday with free-agent Jerrell Freeman, per NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

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Freeman, 29, has seen little progress in contract talks with the Colts. He would serve as an upgrade alongside Trevathan over last year’s duo of Shea McClellin Jerseys and Christian Jones Jerseys. Freeman in 2015 ranked behind only Carolina’s Luke Kuechly Jerseys at his position, per Pro Football Focus.

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While Freeman is on the older side after spending part of his career with the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders, he played well against the run last season and helped pressure the pocket.

With talented coordinator Vic Fangio running Chicago’s defense, Trevathan and Freeman — if they land him — would make this an intriguing unit in 2016.

Other visits we’re tracking on Friday:

1. Cornerback Josh Robinson, who spent the past four seasons with the Vikings, is meeting Friday with the Dolphins, per Rapoport.

2. From The Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot: Browns free-agent linebacker Craig Robertson is cheap soccer jerseys from china on his way to visit the Seahawks.

3. Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego reported that former Cowboys tight end James Hanna will meet with the Chargers. The team is looking for support at the position after Ladarius Green signed with the Steelers.

4. Defensive tackles Al Woods and Cam Thomas are visiting the Seahawks on Friday, a source informed told Rapoport.

Chiefs sign Lithuanian discus thrower Tautvydas Kieras

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The Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys are taking a flier on a defensive player.

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The team announced it signed Tautvydas Kieras (a.k.a. TK).

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The interesting part: Kieras has played zero snaps of football in his life. He threw the discus in college.

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Exhibit A:

A Lithuanian track star, Kieras set the Mississippi State University school record in the discus throw in 2015. He also competed in shot put.

The Chiefs list Kieras, 24, as a linebacker.

TK stands 6-foot-3, 271 pounds.

He took part in MSU’s pro day last week, repping the 225-pound bench press 24 times, running an unofficial 4.69 40-yard dash, earning a vertical leap of 35 inches and a broad jump of 9-foot, 8-inches. His broad and vertical jumps were tied for the highest of any athlete measured at the pro day, chinese nfl jerseys per the Mississippi State school website.

Kieras began training to play football in Las Vegas prior to the pro day. “He wouldn’t be a bad invite,” one scout remarked after watching Kieras finish the 40-yard dash, per “He’s put up good numbers.”

Those numbers earned him a tryout with the Chiefs.

The history of players trying to leap into the NFL sans a football background is spotty at best — the greatest successes being tight ends moving over from basketball — but TK will get his shot to overcome the odds.

Lions announce Jim Caldwell will remain head coach

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A largely china wholesale jerseys disappointing season and the hiring of a new general manager made the outlook for Lions head coach Jim Caldwell fairly ominous heading into this week when the two were supposed to meet.

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However, it looks like Caldwell has survived again.


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The 60-year-old head coach will be retained by the Lions for the 2016 season, according to the team’s official website. Caldwell has gone 18-14 in his two seasons with Detroit.

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“It’s clear to me that this team believes in him and responds positively to his leadership,” new general manager Bob Quinn said, via the team’s website.

Though the move will likely be met with rolled eyes by some, Caldwell made some wise personnel moves during the season last year in shifting to new offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter. Detroit started the season 0-5 before scraping out an overtime win over the Bears. They were 1-7 before the team made staff changes at the bye week and finished 7-9.

Keeping Caldwell was the safest of scenarios. Though Quinn has Patriots ties, and in turn links to New England offensive china wholesale jerseys coordinator Josh McDaniels, the wait for the sought-after play-caller may have been too significant. Also, there may have been doubt that McDaniels could put together a better all-around staff in just a short period of time. Per NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, continuity with quarterback Matt Stafford was key.

Aside from Cooter, the Lions also have Teryl Austin on defense. Austin was one of the most frequently interviewed candidates for head coaching jobs this offseason, and is still widely considered one of the strongest coordinators in the NFL.

For Quinn, this is not the worst way to begin his tenure, even if he did not get to select his own head coach. Team owner Martha Firestone Ford wanted to keep Caldwell all along, and Quinn can now focus on other aspects of his job for a year while he gets a true evaluation of a coach that has a winning record in Detroit.

Inheriting a coach can lead to success. If nothing else, it can allow Quinn a moment to catch his breath.

Ezekiel Ansah on extension: ‘See how this season goes’

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The Detroit Lions Jerseys exercised the fifth-year option for defensive end Ezekiel Ansah Jerseys on china nfl jerseys Monday. But Anzah has not indicated whether he’s interested in signing a long-term deal with the club.


wholesale nfl jerseys china free shipping

As of right now, I think you’ve got to take it step by step,” Ansah recently said per the Detroit Free Press. “You’ve got to see how this season goes, and I’m just looking forward as far as having a great season for the team.”

wholesale nfl jerseys from china

With the going rate for edge-rushers is on the rise, the Lions made a smart move by locking up Ansah for $12.7 million in 2017.

soccer jerseys cheap china

The New York Giants Jerseys inked Olivier Vernon Jerseys to a five-year, $85 deal. Vernon has 29 sacks in his first four seasons with the Miami Dolphins Jerseys.

In three seasons of play, Ansah amassed 30 sacks (14.5 sacks in 2015) and earned his first Pro Bowl berth last season.

Ansah added: “(Vernon’s) a great player, and I’m happy for his situation. But that is him. I’ve just got to focus on myself and get better.”

Ansah reiterated that he is focused on the 2016 and 2017 seasons rather than what Vernon’s deal could potentially mean for his financial future.

“I’m not really paying attention to that right now,” he said. “I’ll be here for a couple more years, as of now. I’m excited to be part of this organization.”